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Meet the Newest (Paper Doll) Cool Girl!

I have waxed poetic about my love of paper dolls in the past, and am happy to announce the first new member to my squad in a couple of years.

paperdollkadywheel 11x14

Following the traditional format of my other paper doll pages, Kady comes wearing a swimsuit with accessories that include an animal companion, a dressy outfit, a casual outfit, a jacket, and an outfit having to do with a profession or hobby. My girls have run the gamut from astronaut, to scientist, to artist, to baker, and athlete … presidential candidate was the obvious next move :). Kady 2020!


Since a lot of the fun is sharing clothes with other dolls, I am currently working on a second doll who uses a wheelchair as well that Kady will be able to swap clothes with, named Isla. Isla will come with some fun fantasy based outfits such as a fairy and princess costume, and may or may not have a pet dragon named Electra in tow ;).

What I always loved about dolls as a kid, be they paper dolls or Barbies, was having dolls that all looked completely different from each other so that each was their own unique character with their own backstory, interests, and personality when I played out my epic imaginative tales. I want to continue expanding my collection so that everyone can have a doll that looks like them, but also a bunch that don’t!

All of my paper doll sets are available at a brick and mortar location inside Imagine That! in downtown Midland MI for those in the area, and also online in my Ebay Store.


5 thoughts on “Meet the Newest (Paper Doll) Cool Girl!

  1. Raeben says:

    I looked on your Etsy site but Kady isn’t available. I’m making paper dolls for my neices and would love to have some disabily representation for my neice who is in a wheelchair. Any chance I could get a download of these (and Isla, if you’ve finished her as well)?


    • Hello! Since the time of this post, I stopped updating my etsy and now solely sell on ebay. Here is the link to Kady… . I am embarrassed to admit that with the other projects I’ve had going this year, I have abandoned my poor dolls, and Isla is still waiting around unfinished :(. I can definitely keep you in the loop and update you as soon as she is done, I have her drawn out just not all the way colored yet, and she is going to be super cute :). Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks!


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