Hello! I am a Michigan based artist with a background in fine art and interior design. I view living things; plants, animals, and people; as living sculptures and am fascinated in their detailed physical structure, both internal and external. Much of my work involves making the internal external. I enjoy visually exposing the unique mental environment of the subject in each work. I believe art should let us see something we cannot in real life, and this idea meets that function. Rather than using exaggerated facial expressions or gestures, I tend to let the external surroundings of a subject speak to the content of their mind and soul. This tendency most likely stems from my interior design background, and the idea that the external environment should reflect the internal person who inhabits it.

I currently work at Creative 360 in Midland, MI as Program Coordinator for Express Yourself Artshop. Artshop is an inclusive arts and wellness program welcoming all students, including those with physical, intellectual, and psychological disabilities. I see every day how creation sparks joy in the creator and those around them. Everyone is an artist. Each person on earth has the ability to do something creative that can touch another person, and it is never too late to begin.

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