New Work

New Work: February

she is the queen of her universe

February – She Is The Queen Of Her Universe

This next piece in my new series is less somber than the last, and also more detailed with an abstract rather than realistic interior as the background. Even within a series, I have to have variation. This piece is meant to exude confidence, bravery, and control, and is filled with motifs of royalty and dominance.


I began with the center and worked outward for this piece, doing all the pencil work first and dripping in the background last with both traditional and metallic watercolor.


In the last piece for January, I used fabric as my one “3D” element of mixed media that I would add to the piece. With this piece, I had too good of a reason to use gems to pass it up. I set forth with tweezers, glue, and a lot of patience to for the first time actually bedazzle my art. Even the word bedazzling brings to mine gaudy jean jackets from elementary school, and adding sparkles to serious art is a fine line. My fear was that I would potentially turn my oh-so-classy, lovely heroine into a 90s barbie doll …


Luckily, this did not happen.

The design is now up for print on anything and everything in my redbubble shop, and art and ACEO prints are also for sale on ebay.

This was a fun piece to work on. I’ve been getting more and more into fashion lately, and I loved the opportunity to be inventive with her elaborate rose and branch crown, feather accents, and jewelry. A chance to immerse myself in my all time favorite color didn’t hurt. Let me know what you think!




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